2018 Survey

Some initial results

To date (9-13-2018) we have received 115 completed surveys! That is a 34% response rate, THANK YOU for sending them in. Nearly twice as many were mailed as taken online: 74 mailed, 41 taken online. For a tech-heavy, tech-savvy population such as Berkeley’s, it strikes me that hard copy, paper and pen, a stamped envelope are still often the simplest and best tools for the task.

A few results: 16% report annual income under $25,000, and 11% report under $50,000. Especially here in Berkeley, those are tough numbers to live well on. We’re glad we’re able to ensure their children have a high quality personal library, along with the sheer, joyous fun of receiving a gift book in the mail every month. We’re just as glad to be providing that same pure fun — along with that same excellent library — to children of the nearly 50% of respondents report annual income over $100,000 (over half of whom reported over $150,000).

At both ends of the income spectrum the majority by a wide margin agree, or strongly agree, that Imagination Library book deliveries have increased the amount of time they read/share book time with their children.

That’s a win for them, for their kids, for all of us. We hope everyone values the books their children receive. We welcome those who are able to contribute, ensuring we’re able to offer it to all our city’s children regardless of income: for only $50 a year, two children’s book costs are covered.