Berkeley Police Association Donates (Again)!

A big Thank you to Berkeley Police Association BARBECUE chefs at the CopsWest 2016 Benefit Barbecue cook-off October 8, 2016. BPA Board Member Chris Bonaventure turned over proceeds from that event outside the downtown police station. Their hard work to prepare a barbecue feast for about 1300 (!) diners at the event resulted in a generous and very welcomed donation to The BBBP. A win-win: diners enjoyed a barbecue lunch, more Berkeley babies get more books. All it took was the BPA Team's long hours and hard work! 

Last April, BPA teamed up with (err. . . against) Berkeley Firefighters IAFF in a charity basketball game which we were the happy and honored beneficiaries of. Keep up the good work, the B-Ball, and the Barbecue! 

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