This I Believe

I believe we should create a society of generous programs and policies, not one that is reliant on the often capricious magnanimity of super-wealthy individuals.

Generous policies allow sustainable programs that nurture and promote the well being of everyone: clean water regulations aspire to demand that water lines deliver potable water to all residences without asking Who Will Live There? Clean air regulations demand emissions from our cars and trucks be increasingly non-toxic to our lungs, our bodies without asking first: Who Is Breathing Here?

This Belief of mine is a big part of why I’m passionate about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. It’s a truly generous program. It says, “You are a child in my community; I want you to have excellent books at home, from birth.” Why? Because excellent books are good! Good for the child, good for the family, good for the classrooms those children will eventually enter. Good for vision and brain development, good for nurturing imagination — which in turn, later, nurtures intellect — and inspiring ideas, empathy, curiosity.

A literate, educated populace is good for all of us.

I want strong, generous policies and programs for children, for our public schools: Don’t forget to vote for REFORM of PROP. 13 in 2020!

Seena Hawley