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What is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library?

Since launching in 1995, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has become the preeminent early childhood book gifting program in the world. The flagship program of The Dollywood Foundation has mailed well over 100 million free books in Australia, Canada, The Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States. The Imagination Library mails more than 1.4 million high-quality, age-appropriate books each month to registered children from birth to age five. Dolly envisioned creating a lifelong love of reading, inspiring them to dream. The impact of the program has been widely researched and results suggest positive increases in key early childhood literacy metrics. Penguin Random House is the exclusive publisher for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. For more information, please visit imaginationlibrary.com.

Local Affiliates do the ground work: we manage the last mile of a book’s journey from IL’s mailing facility in Tennessee to a child’s mailbox. Each Affiliate designates their own Region of Service. The BBBP’s service region is the City of Berkeley, California.

The BBBP registers only Berkeley residents under age five — a child must about 3 months shy of fifth birthday and have a Berkeley, CA home address. Our IL program launched mid-2015. As of late July 2019 we have over 590 children registered, and over 280 have aged out.


How do I register my child? 

  1. Go to the Imagination Library website using the button below.

  2. Enter your child’s mailing address to confirm your eligibility.

  3. Download and print the registration form.

  4. Complete the form - be sure to print clearly please.

  5. Mail your child’s completed registration form to:

    The Berkeley Baby Book Project
    P.O. Box 8213, Berkeley, CA 94707


Frequently Asked Questions


who is eligible?

Any child under age 5 who lives in Berkeley, CA.

How young or old can children be registered?

From the day they are born until 3 months before their fifth birthday. 

How long until books arrive?

Books begin arriving 6–10 weeks after registration. For example, a child registered in January will receive their first book in March. Books are mailed Bulk Rate: no return or forwarding service.


Imagination Library books are a gift to the child. There is no cost to recipients.

How are books and postage paid?

Affiliates, like The BBBP, pay Imagination Library $2.11 per book mailed: about $25/year for 12 new, lovely books. A child’s joy every month when their book arrives by mail? Priceless.

Our funding comes from donations of all sizes from individuals, businesses, grantmakers, and philanthropists in our community.

What kind of books will my child receive?

An age-based high quality collection. Imagination Library’s Title Selection Team reviews children’s literature year round and updates the list annually. Selections are guided by age-based Themes and Concepts. You can download a PDF of Titles + Guidelines here, or view the 2019 Title List on the IL website via button below:

Got Twins?

Title list is based on year of birth, so they will get the same books. We recommend registering both children. Newborns don’t care, but toddlers and preschoolers do, a lot! The first letter of their name is often one of the first letters they will identify. Showing them their name on their own gift book when it arrives naturally harnesses a toddler’s desire to declare “Mine!” unequivocally: that’s strong internal motivation to learn letters and words, starting with their own name. It’s is powerful step on the path to literacy.

still have questions?

Check out our full FAQ, or contact us directly at seena@thebbbp.org.