Our Team

Board of Directors


Seena Hawley

Executive Director & board secretary

Seena taught elementary school in San Jose before returning to her hometown of Berkeley in 2007.  She had planned to teach Language Arts in middle school after earning her Single Subject Credential, but events, research, and interests changed her path and led her to found this nonprofit. 

 The BBBP was officially formed in 2012, gained 501(c)(3) status in 2013 and launched its Imagination Library Program in 2015.


Sarah Davis

President & Treasurer

Raised in Berkeley, Sarah is recently retired from her position as Research Project Manager at the Primate Research Center at UC Davis. She and her husband live in Davis where they raised two sons. Sarah has a long history of civic engagement and work in her communities, in Davis and in Berkeley. She also works with Camp Unalayee, a nonprofit summer camp for youth.


Lois Brubeck


Lois is an advocate for youth services and justice in Alameda County. She serves on the Alameda County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission. She lives in Berkeley. We are glad she chose to join our Board to share her insights, experience, and guidance as we grow.


Tom Buoye


Tom adopted Berkeley as his hometown when he attended UCB. After studying Engineering, he spent his career at UCB and Autodesk. Since the 1970s he has worked with Camp Unalayee as a Vehicle, Site and Facilities Manager and serves on their Board of Directors. He is active in Berkeley's bicycling community.


Jessica Wheelis

Board member and event staff: children's activity director

Jessica is a former Oakland Public Schools K-1 teacher. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about promoting early literacy.  She does outreach to organizations that pursue and support young parents in efforts to foster early literacy and is masterful at making Baby Book Club meetings fun and enriching events for children.

Jessica holds a Masters of Science in Education as well as a California Teacher's Credential, and for many years was involved in leadership positions with Rosa Parks Elementary school's large and active PTA. 


Dr. Robin Winokur

Kiwi Pediatrics Berkeley, co-founder and practitioner

Dr. Winokur came to California from Ohio via Stanford University and Michigan Medical School. In 1985 she  and Dr. David Kittams formed a business partnership and founded Kiwi Pediatrics at Dr. Kittam's existing practice on Alcatraz Ave. She's won awards for work practicing and advocating for quality care, access to resources, and healthy communities for all children and their families. 


Jennifer Larsh

Berkeley native, past YMCA After-school programs and Membership Services coordinator, current Business Services Manager

Jennifer “Jenn” Larsh has a long history of advocacy for the health and wellness of her community, with a focus on children and youth. She spent many years working with the South Berkeley YMCA in an after-school learning program and went on to become Berkeley YMCA’s Membership Services Coordinator. She left the YMCA to pursue professional opportunities, landing a job as Business Services Manager with a firm in 2018. She has been an advocate and advisor for The Berkeley Baby Book Project from it’s very beginnings, before it was formally organized as a California Nonprofit Corporation. We are honored and pleased that she has joined the Board.


In Memoriam

Miriam Hawley, 1928-2018

Founding board member, first president, and generous supporter

Miriam's history of civic engagement in and around Berkeley will be remembered by all who knew her. Her insightful work created impacts that continue to positively affect countless East Bay transit riders and young residents, including children receiving books thru The BBBP. Without her support of all sorts, The BBBP would not have come to be. She is sorely missed. She was a remarkable and wise woman who knew when to crack the whip, when to nudge and nurture, and, a not flashy but a bedrock-shaping skill, how to create budgets aimed at nurturing a better future for all of us.

She was known in Berkeley City politics for being a consensus builder, for bridging divides between beings with seemingly intractable differences. Even intergalactic ones, apparently. There is an obituary in Berkeleyside.

Fomenting comity among life forms of all sorts Peoria, IL 2016

Fomenting comity among life forms of all sorts Peoria, IL 2016